Family Law

The Family Law Department at Hazelhurst Solicitors is headed by Ms Natalia Baura who is a family law Solicitor.

The areas we advise on include:

  • Dissolution of civil partnership
  • Financial settlement on divorce
  • Child arrangement matters
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Intercountry adoptions

Dissolution of Civil Partnership

A civil partnership can be ended by converting it to a marriage. The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 makes provision for civil partners to seek dissolution of their relationship the same way a married couple can seek a divorce, although ending a civil partnership is covered by the Civil Partnership Act 2004. Civil partners can also ask for an order of formal separation.

Grounds for dissolution:

  • Desertion.
  • Unreasonable behaviours.
  • Two-year separation with consent.
  • Five-year separation without consent.

Financial Settlement on Divorce

If you cannot agree on how to divide your finances, the courts can decide for you. You have to make an application to court for a court order. The court can make orders for:

  • Sale of property
  • Transfer of property
  • A chargeback
  • Spousal maintenance and child maintenance payments
  • Pension sharing (private or state pension plans).

Child arrangement matters

During divorce and separation, children’s welfare is always the paramount consideration. If the parties to the divorce cannot agree on issues concerning a relevant child, the court can make a range of orders:

Parental responsibility order

This gives parental responsibility for children to someone. It gives them legal rights and responsibility for the child. It includes matters such as: care, control, discipline and protection. There are three types of order

  1. Child arrangement order

This settles who the child will live with and when, and where the child will see a particular person- usually a parent.

  1. Specific issue order:

This relates to ‘specific issues. it decides about the child’s upbringing such as education and medical treatment including for example whether the child should be circumcised or not. Even recent cases have included vaccination.
  1. Prohibited steps order

This is an order that stops a person from doing something to or with a child. E.g., removing a child from his/her school or taking them abroad.

Other Orders

  • Activity directions/conditions and enforcement orders.
  • change of name, removal from jurisdiction.
  • family assistance order.
  • barring order.
  • financial orders.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a matrimonial contract which is entered into by a couple before they enter into marriage. A pre-nuptial agreement dictates how assets are divided, should the marriage break down and lead to a divorce. Before you sign such an agreement, ensure that you have read and understood the clauses in the agreement and that you agree to all of them. You must keep your copy of the agreement securely and show it to your legal representative if the marriage breaks down.

Inter-country Adoptions

Intercountry adoption is sometimes referred to as international adoption or transnational adoption. It simply refers to adopting a child from another country and the adopting parent(s) becomes the legal and permanent parent(s) to the child.

We assist many people seeking intercountry adoptions. The UK currently restricts adoption from the following countries: Cambodia, Haiti, Nepal, Guatemala, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. You must follow the correct procedure because failure to do so could amount to a criminal offence.

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